Summer Day Camp

We are pleased to offer an exciting Summer Day Camp for our local and visiting children.

At Mountain Creek Ranch, “It’s Always a Good Day to Ride

Natural Horsemanship Summer Day Camp:

Monday to Friday

Half Day: 10a.m. to 1:30p.m.

Full Day: 10a.m. to 4p.m.

Age Group 5-14

Half Day: $50/day, 3/$135 or 5/$225

Full Day: $75/day, 3/$215 or 5/$350


Mountain Creek Ranch provides a wonderful opportunity to indulge your child’s love of horses/ponies and baby farm animals.
This is a hands on, educational camp that teaches proper safety, grooming, handling, and riding skills.
We have a wide assortment of gentle and safe horses/ponies suitable for all ages and sizes. Your child will also enjoy learning and interacting with our wide assortment of miniature and Heritage livestock.
All of our animals are well socialized and used to children. Campers will enjoy a riding lesson, forest trail ride, games and activities related to horses/ponies and other ranch animals. Horses/ponies and farm animals foster a sense of empathy and responsibility in children and help develop a strong connection to the natural world around them.
Your host has many years’ experience in the teaching and educational field.
Summer Day Camp is designed with a focus on education, safety, your child’s well-being and development.

–         Hands on activities with our gentle and well trained Ranch horses/ponies and other farm animals such as: (bunnies, ducks, miniature ponies, lambs, chickens, mama & baby donkey & Miniature Pig)

–         Daily lessons, mounted games or trail ride (small children have a lead line trail experience)

–         Focus on Natural Horsemanship Techniques and creating a trusting bond through communication and respectful handling.

L’il Dudes Ranch Day Camp:

Monday to Friday

Half Day Only: 10a.m. to 1p.m.

Age Group 5-8

Half Day Only: $40/day or $150/week


–          Mini Lesson & hands on activities Petting Farm animals

To Register Please call (613) 334-5906 or Email:
We accept Jumpstart as a method of payment